Children and Social Media - Dealing with Harmful Content and Dangerous Challenges
March 3, 2022

Every morning on our way to kindergarten with my daughter, we see first graders walking to a nearby school. It's fun to observe them. I'm normally only half awake, it's pitch black and often freezing cold, but the students seem to be full of energy. Those who walk together with friends are laughing, talking loud, and surprisingly often mimicking shooting sounds.


Pretty sure that 30 years ago, me and my friends looked and sounded exactly the same.


Gamification and Game-Based Learning in EdTech: Tactics for Driving Retention
February 24, 2022

Adding game elements, like rankings, achievements and quests to digital learning products, has become a popular way for improving student engagement and learning outcomes. To learn more about how to begin designing a good gamified EdTech product, check out our article about Gamification and Game-Based Learning in EdTech.

February 10, 2022


Everything is about data these days.

During our EAF 2021 client workshop Riku Alkio from gamification platform, shared their journey as a start-up to break-even situation. When asked, what he wished they would have done differently, his answer revealed lot:


EAF Evaluation Certification Process
February 8, 2022

This is how you can get your EdTech product evaluated and certified by EAF.


The evaluation process is simple, and the following values guide us in certification work:

Be Agile

The client doesn't have to wait for the results for months. With our large pool of professionals we conduct evaluations quickly and on-demand. 


Make it Effortless 

Access to the product and being available for additional questions is all we need from the client. 


Gamification in EdTech Mechanics Dynamics
January 18, 2022


Number one reason for the huge popularity of educational games and gamifying educational solutions is likely to be the entertainment factor; well-designed game mechanics greatly increase student motivation and engagement.

EdTech Startups Startups List Resources
January 5, 2022


New year, new plan!


2022 is finally here and we have a feeling that it’s going to be another amazing year for EdTech and learning solutions in general. It’s time to get excited, try out new things, rethink the big strategy. No matter if you are a new follower of EAF, our partner or former client, we have fresh ideas and tips on-offer for EdTech marketing, product development and more!


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