November 5, 2019

We are excited to launch a  product partner track with Fun Academy!

Fun Academy creates solutions for early education. They offer educational resources, teacher training, educational programs and full Kindergarten packages for implementing the unique Fun Learning approach that combines the best practices and latest advances in early education.

EdTech certification Switzerland
October 4, 2019

A few months back we had a call with an education technology company from Australia. As part of our conversation they asked if it’s possible to license our EdTech evaluation & certification system and run it in Australia. According to them, if you go sell an EdTech product to a school in Australia, teachers will ask what other Australian teachers say about it. This does make sense as the local context is always a strong influencer in education.

edtech uutiset
July 24, 2019

The impact of educational technology is a key question for both start-ups and traditional educational publishers. Teachers need to know, what a solution is teaching, why it is effective and how it can be used. The traditional educational material publishers have the advantage of having a long history of being used at schools and therefore plenty of practical experience on what works. However, gathering real evidence is a project that takes time and requires expertise. But when it's done properly the work pays off. Here I’d like to present some examples of how it can be done.


edtech uutiset education alliance finland
June 18, 2019

Beginning of the next week we start issuing certificates under a new name, Education Alliance Finland. We’re changing our name to reflect the evolution of our company and the way how each quality evaluation is conducted. 

Current Kokoa Standard certificate holders can continue using their certificates, but we strongly recommend to update your certificate with the brand new Education Alliance Certificates, as we send them out to certificate holders soon. Here's how the new company logo and the new certificate badges look. 

Kids sitting outside playing with their phones
April 3, 2019

We’ve seen many headlines saying how Silicon Valley parents are raising their children tech-free lately. Paradoxically, many of these parents who are restricting or banning their children’s screen-time are working in leading tech companies that live off our habitual use of digital services.

STEAM Educational Kits Market Study and Competitor Analysis
April 1, 2019

Kokoa has launched a new cyclical Market Study concept, the first study starting in April. This first market study focuses on STEAM Educational Kits.  10+ products have been submitted to be assessed with our evaluation method and to be benmarked against each other with respect to their pedagogy, curriculum alignment and usability.


Participation in the study allows companies to get evidence of their product's learning impact and to see how it ranks against competitors. 


The evaluations are conducted in April and the results will be presented on May 15th.  

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