How to host PE lessons with educational technology.
August 18, 2021

Even though children worldwide become less and less active each year, learning solutions that fight against this trend can be hard to come by at schools – most likely due to the fact that classic physical education continues to have a strong status.


What If You Fail the EAF Certification Process?
July 27, 2021

Often EdTech companies are afraid to enter the EAF evaluation process because they feel the product isn’t perfect. Yet in many cases, it would be better to go through with the evaluation early on. Today we’re going to tell you in detail what happens if an EdTech product doesn't meet the EAF standard right away.


The Process

Let’s imagine: an evaluation for your product is conducted and the score is below our standards in one or more pedagogical parameters.

Education Alliance Finland Espeo Software
July 14, 2021

And what questions to ask a potential software provider? Continue reading to find out.
Establishing a successful EdTech business cannot be done without a solid technical background. This is why company founders should consider outsourcing their product development to experienced and reliable software providers.

In the following article, we share why EAF decided to outsource the web development and how it can aid the overall growth of your company.


EdTech Certificate verified with Blockchain
August 6, 2021

As the number of EAF certified companies is continuously growing it has become increasingly important to ensure the validity of each EAF certificate.


Beginning from August 15th we are taking action to prevent false certification use by using blockchain verification to Education Alliance Finland certificates. The verification is done using VerifyED's technology to ensure certifications are protected and instantly verified.


EdTech Talk with a Finnish Teacher
July 7, 2021

Meet Ms. Sirkku Alin – one of EAF’s EdTech evaluators and an elementary school teacher from Turku, Finland.  After over 20 years of teaching, she sees that open-mindedness, courage and problem solving skills have brought her a long way.

April 16, 2021


Perhaps at a quick glance educational technologies and SEL, short for Social and Emotional Learning, don’t mesh together. EdTech solutions are often associated with teaching students hard skills for the future, such as programming; or giving traditional subjects like math, new digital forms.