April 11, 2019

The application period for language learning solutions opens

Our next market study will focus on language learning solutions. When looking at the subject, we saw that there are a large number of solutions for different purposes. In our study, we decided to group them under four categories:

1. Independent learning

The learning solutions in this category are targeted to people, who want to learn a new language or practice their skills independently. 

2. School solutions


Marjo Paapanen - EdTech Certificate - Impact Evaluator at Education Alliance Finland
January 16, 2020

Education Alliance Finland's EdTech product evaluations are based on peer-reviews, made by Finnish teachers who have been trained to use our science-based impact evaluation method. Before a product gets issued the EAF quality certificate, several teacher-evaluators have conducted a product audit and evaluation. By having teachers as evaluators our aim is to get their voice better heard when learning solutions are being created. In this post, you get to know one of our most active evaluators, Marjo Paappanen, from Pihlajanmäki Primary School. 


November 5, 2019

We are excited to launch a  product partner track with Fun Academy!

Fun Academy creates solutions for early education. They offer educational resources, teacher training, educational programs and full Kindergarten packages for implementing the unique Fun Learning approach that combines the best practices and latest advances in early education.

EdTech certification Switzerland
October 4, 2019

A few months back we had a call with an education technology company from Australia. As part of our conversation they asked if it’s possible to license our EdTech evaluation & certification system and run it in Australia. According to them, if you go sell an EdTech product to a school in Australia, teachers will ask what other Australian teachers say about it. This does make sense as the local context is always a strong influencer in education.

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