EdTech certification Switzerland
October 4, 2019

EdTech Certifications in Local Context 

edtech certification by Education Alliance Finland
July 24, 2019

The impact of educational technology is a key question for both start-ups and traditional educational publishers when looking at how to sell to schools. Teachers need to know, what the learning solution is teaching, why it is effective and how it can be used. The traditional educational material publishers have the advantage of having a long history of being used at schools and therefore plenty of practical experience on what works. However, gathering real evidence is a project that takes time and requires expertise. But when it's done properly the work pays off.

EdTech product certification by Education Alliance Finland
June 18, 2019

Renaming the EdTech Certification Body

Beginning of the next week we start issuing EdTech certificates under a new name, Education Alliance Finland. We’re changing our name to reflect the evolution of our company and the way how each EdTech product  evaluation & certification is conducted.