EdTech Market Study and Product Certification
April 11, 2019

The application period for language learning solution market study and EdTech product certification opens

Our next market study will focus on language learning solutions. When looking at the subject, we saw that there are a large number of solutions for different purposes. In our study, we decided to group them under four categories:

1. Independent learning

The learning solutions in this category are targeted to people, who want to learn a new language or practice their skills independently. 

The quality of EdTech product makes a difference
April 3, 2019

Parental Concerns About Addictive Technologies & Screen-Time

STEM Education Market Study and Competitor Analysis
April 1, 2019

Education Alliance Finland has launched a new cyclical Market Study concept, the first study starting in April. This first market study focuses on STEAM Education products.  10+ products have been submitted to be assessed with our EdTech evaluation method and to be bencmarked against each other with respect to their pedagogy, curriculum alignment and usability.


Participation in the study allows companies to get evidence of EdTech product's learning impact and to see how it ranks against competitors.