OPUS EdTech Design Framework EAF
December 9, 2021

”Well-designed educational solutions have the power to foster or even transform goal-oriented learning pursuits, but not without good pedagogical design. Therefore, the design process should take into account the research on learning and pedagogy and pursue to implement good practices in order to promote and support learning.” (Hietajärvi & Maksniemi, 2017)


Finnish National Agency for Education and EAF Collaborating
December 1, 2021

The Finnish National Agency for Education (OPH) has  published a new guideline and quality standard for digital learning environments. Education Alliance Finland had the honor of creating the quality criteria in collaboration with the agency.


The criteria is linked to EAF's standard EdTech evaluation work and parameters, and Finland's National Curriculum provided a main guideline for the work. The document includes sections for Early Childhood Education solutions and Primary & Secondary Education Solutions. 


November 17, 2021

Certificates are used in many industries to serve as a proof that the product meets certain quality criteria. In education, the most important aspect regarding a product's quality is that it truly works in improving learning.


Through certification, it is possible to explain in a standardized way, how the solution enhances learning. Other major benefits would be: