STEM Education Market Study and Competitor Analysis
April 1, 2019

Education Alliance Finland has launched a new cyclical Market Study concept, the first study starting in April. This first market study focuses on STEAM Education products.  10+ products have been submitted to be assessed with our EdTech evaluation method and to be bencmarked against each other with respect to their pedagogy, curriculum alignment and usability.


Participation in the study allows companies to get evidence of EdTech product's learning impact and to see how it ranks against competitors. 


EAF EdTech evaluator Simo Marttinen
February 28, 2019

In addition to Education Alliance Finland's inhouse experts, we have a pool of teachers – trained to use the EAF EdTech evaluation method – contributing to the product evaluation process. Involving teachers also allows us to provide our clients with valuable first-hand user feedback. We're kicking off a series of interviews presenting our teacher-evaluators to celebrate their expertise and important work in education. We decided to start with our most recent recruit, Simo Marttinen, who just reviewed a new Finnish EdTech solution for us.


Edtech impact logo
February 27, 2019


We are delighted to announce a strategic collaboration with Edtech Impact, a free UK-based discovery platform. The platform provides a transparent analysis of education technology products, empowering its users with the knowledge of which tools perform well across different demographics, alongside candid details on their training, support, set up times, pricing structures and implementation.