October 1, 2018

Education Alliance Finland has had a busy September! During Helsinki Learning week we joined SETT Helsinki and Dare to Learn, and launched a new platform for conducting EdTech impact evaluations.

Our reason to party was the launch of EAF EdTech Evaluation tool  It is a browser-based solution for evaluating and selecting pedagogically valid learning tools. The evaluation tool is used by education providers and schools to back up their decision making. It can also be used by EdTech developers who want to collect systematic feedback when conducting school pilots.

EdTech certification service looking to expand to the U.S market
July 6, 2018

Deep dive into the U.S. EdTech market

My main goal for the ISTE trip was to familiarize with the U.S. Edtech market and to find a few potential partners that we could work with when EAF EdTech Certification Service is making its way to the U.S. market.

ISTE was definitely the right place to go to when you want to meet with the U.S. Edtech sector’s key people and organizations. I got loads of inspirational meetings, had very interesting discussions and came back with lots of new ideas, knowledge, and inspiration.

Using EdTech to spark creativity
April 24, 2018

Creativity plays such a big part in our everyday life, as creative problem solving is behind of every innovation and self-expression can be seen as a key to happiness. Using educational technology for creative purposes is one of the best ways of benefiting from EdTech it in schools.