Kokoa Standard becomes Education Alliance Finland

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Kokoa Standard becomes Education Alliance Finland

June 18, 2019

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Beginning of the next week we start issuing certificates under a new name, Education Alliance Finland. We’re changing our name to reflect the evolution of our company and the way how each quality evaluation is conducted. 

Current Kokoa Standard certificate holders can continue using their certificates, but we strongly recommend to update your certificate with the brand new Education Alliance Certificates, as we send them out to certificate holders soon. Here's how the new company logo and the new certificate badges look. 



As you might wonder why we’re changing the name, we’re listing a few reasons.

The enhanced product evaluation process

In 2019 we’ve launched a new model where several teacher-evaluators conduct the product evaluation independently on our evaluation platform using our science-based method. We work as administrators who confirm and compile the results and report the findings to the client who ordered the evaluation.

The new model has increased the validity of the findings and broadened the evaluation perspective. This also allows better scalability compared to the previous situation where all evaluations were done by Kokoa’s in-house team members.

Currently we have a group of 60 carefully picked and trained teacher-evaluators who we work with. With this teacher community, we are able to evaluate a wider range of learning products by having experts in many fields of education. We're really proud of the quality of the evaluations we've been able to achieve with these truly professional teachers from all around Finland.

The origin of the certificate is better communicated

We have just finished our impact research, for which we interviewed some of our clients about where and how they utilize their Kokoa Standard certificates. One of the findings was that many felt necessary to explain the background of the issuer, Kokoa Standard, as it is not self-evident for most.

With the new name, Education Alliance Finland, we aim to state it clearly, that each certification is based on the work of an alliance: 1. Finnish teacher-evaluators who conduct product audits, 2. Finnish educational researchers who have designed the evaluation method, 3. Impact evaluation platform, which is run by us. 

Enhanced credibility

Quality certificate is a great asset for EdTech companies to demonstrate the high quality of their products to potential buyers. As education sector operators are globally formal and conservative, we trust that our certificate’s descriptive name will gain credibility among the buyers of education products. 

One of the main reasons why EdTech companies around the world turn to us for teacher feedback is that it comes from Finnish teachers. Finland’s education system is globally recognized and highly appreciated. It’s often stated that the cornerstone of the quality is the pedagogical expertise of Finnish teachers. With our new name we're able to communicate it much better that this exceptionally high pedagogical expertise that Finnish teachers have is behind every certificate and pedagogical impact evaluation that we do.