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Rakamin Academy
Digital marketing
Rakamin Academy is a course platform for learning digital and technological skills.

Rakamin Academy is a platform for learning digital and technological skills with a direct and interactive lesson, project based and focusing on career building that connects experts from top companies and learners who want to start or accelerate their careers in tech.
Rakamin Academy has several main services including Intensive Bootcamp and Short Courses, B2B Training, Talent Sourcing and Supplying, Talent Assessment, Virtual Internship Platform.

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Educational Quality
Learning Goals

The pedagogical analysis covers how the product supports learning of the identified skills. The student’s role is assessed by four contrary pair parameters, which are selected to cover the most essential aspects on the use of the product.

Rakamin Academy provides an excellent framework to bring a person towards a new career. The student has a great responsibility of their own work, to reflect on the motives, the starting situation, the skills to be developed, the existing strengths and, of course, investment in the work itself through the teaching materials and tasks. There is timely and well-distributed content, in the appropriate format in the form of videos, lectures and live chats.
Eeach learning section is led by experts and they presented intriguing facts and processes to keep students interested during the study. Rakamin's specialty and main strength is student's own learning cases with SMEs, where they get to know different companies with real learning tasks. The course platform tells the users what they have learned, as the scores and marks, as well as feedback, should give the student a good idea of ​​their own level of competence.
The course follows a linear, predetermined user progression. Progress and goals are clear and the interface supports the discovery of important course content. Progress in the product is well scheduled. The purpose of the product is to provide the best possible foundation for understanding and ultimately finding the core skills of a new job, and studying with a scheduled cohort ensures keeping the motivation and progress on track.
The course allows the learner to make all the decisions individually and take responsibility of their own learning. Progress depends only on user's own action .All lectures encourage students to be independent and responsible for their progress. Yet, the course also provides guidance for constructive collaboration. As teamwork is essential part of digital marketing work. The lessons teach good operating models, and some of the tasks are executed as smaller groups.

The following are the high educational quality aspects in this product.

Rakamin Academy program is an effective way of learning a new profession with a mix of theory and practice.
The lessons are taught by professionals who are conscious of the current trends and can share their personal experiences in the field.
Working with real SME cases allows the students to draw from their experiences and build a portfolio.

The supported learning goals are identified by matching the product with several relevant curricula descriptions on this subject area. The soft skills are definitions of learning goals most relevant for the 21st century. They are formed by taking a reference from different definitions of 21st century skills and Finnish curriculum.

Subject based learning goals

Understand the potential and the right optimization for the two main channels in digital marketing, namely the Internet (SEO and SEM), and Social Media
What are the best practices to start a career in digital marketing.
How to create a career plan.
Being able to provide concise, holistic and insightful campaign reports.
Use data analysis to create most feasible, effective, and also measurable digital marketing strategy
Making students able to ideate and create quality content according to their target audience.
Being able to analyze the progress of the ongoing campaign.
Making participants able to analyze in depth the marketing conditions of a product in a certain market landscape, so that they can determine gaps or optimization opportunities that can be done.
Enable participants to conduct market research and determine the appropriate user persona.

Soft skills learning goals

Practicing to set one's own learning goals
Practicing to look things from different perspectives
Practicing to notice causal connections
Practicing to use arts as a way to express
Practicing to use imagination and to be innovative
Practicing to use imagination and to be innovative
Encouraging students to be innovative and express new ideas
Practicing to improvise
Practicing creative thinking
Creating requirements for creative thinking
Practicing to evaluate one's own learning
Practicing to take responsibility of one's own learning
Learning to notice causal connections
Practising visual recognition
Practicing to observe spoken and written language
Practicing categorization and classification
Practising to understand visual concepts and shapes and observe their qualities
Using technology as a part of explorative and creative process
Learning to plan and design own written content and textual representations
Using technology for interaction and collaboration (also internationally)
Using technology for interaction and collaboration
Using technological resources for finding and applying information
Understanding technological system operations through making
Using technology resources for problem solving
Building common knowledge of technological solutions and their meaning in everyday life
Familiarizing with the influences of media and understanding its affordances
Learning to view and consider media and advertising critically
Practicing to find, evaluate and share information
Practicing to use information independently and interactively
Learning to acquire, modify and produce information in different forms
Practicing logical reasoning to understand and interpret information in different forms
Realizing the connection between subjects learned in free time and their impact to skills needed at worklife
Practicing versatile ways of working
Practicing decision making
Practicing to give, get and reflect feedback
Practicing to express own thoughts and feelings
Learning decision-making, influencing and accountability
Practicing to argument clearly own opinions and reasonings
Connecting subjects learned at school to skills needed at working life
Learning to plan and organize work processes
Learning consumer knowledge and smart economics
Encouraging positive attitude towards working life
Practicing to notice links between subjects learned
Learning to combine information to find new innovations
Encouraging to build new information and visions
Learning to build information on top of previously learned
Learning to find the joy of learning and new challenges
Practicing to find ways of working that are best for oneself
Practicing persistent working
Practicing time management
Enabling the growth of positive self-image
Practicing to take care of one's own wellbeing and health
Learning to understand people, surroundings and phenomenons around us
Learning to use foreign language in work context
Practicing communication through different channels
Practicing to work with others
Supporting student to build their own linguistic and cultural identity
Practicing strategic thinking
Learning to face respectfully people and follow the good manners
Encouraging the growth of positive self-image
Supporting the growth of environmental awareness
Recognizing habits that are good for sustainable living
Practicing to recognize and express feelings
Learning to recognise and evaluate arguments and their reasonings
Learning to find solutions in social conflicts
Developing problem solving skills
Using technology to express one’s emotions and experiences
Understanding and practicing safe and responsible uses of technology
Learning to understand and interpret diverse types of texts
Understanding and interpreting of matrices and diagrams
Learning to understand and interpret diverse types of texts, from vernacular to academic

The Finnish Educational Quality Certificate

Our Quality Evaluation Method is an academically sound approach to evaluating a product’s pedagogical design from the viewpoint of educational psychology.

The method has been developed with university researchers and all evaluators are carefully selected Finnish teachers with a master's degree in education.

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