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Binar Academy
Career growth
Binar Academy offers courses for developing professional digital skills

Binar Academy is a edtech platform focusing on developing digital skills and talent by providing access to an enhanced learning experience with a defined learning journey and diverse learning style to support the career growth for high school graduates, university students, and career shifters.Binar Academy offers courses on various topics related to digital professions, for example UX and UI design, Web development and Product Management.

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Educational Quality
Learning Goals

The pedagogical analysis covers how the product supports learning of the identified skills. The student’s role is assessed by four contrary pair parameters, which are selected to cover the most essential aspects on the use of the product.

In Binar courses purpose and goals of the learned content is explained well, and then explored through lectures, case examples and short quizzes, leading to hands-on tasks. In Bootcamps, the facilitators give instructions and encouragement to move forward, and the learners receive feedback on their work. The course requires the learner to absorb knowledge and create projects themselves both alone and in groups, which is an effective way for learning.
The lessons have a good amount of details, without being too long. The self-study modules give the learners a decent foundational understanding of the topic. Live sessions, mentoring and course work in Premium Bootcamps let the learner adapt the knowledge and bring the skills to practice.
Progression in courses is quite linear, which is a justified approach. Each lesson reviews the previous one and summarises the key points at the end. The projects and Challenges done in the Gold and Platinum level of Bootcamp allow more free exploration and application of the topics.
The Bootcamp starts as a completely individual learning experience, which is suitable for observing the lessons. In the Gold and Platinum level there are collaborative tasks, which simulate the real work situation in software industry in a great way. Furthermore, the chat group that students can access can give students the ability to collaborate.

The following are the high educational quality aspects in this product.

The syllabus is comprehensive and delves into more complex topics in later modules. Therefore, it allows users to go beyond the basics, at least in terms of theory.
The Challenges allow concrete execution and practice both individually and in groups.
Strong branding and well-presented lessons that use a lot of visuals and explain important concepts step-by-step.

The supported learning goals are identified by matching the product with several relevant curricula descriptions on this subject area. The soft skills are definitions of learning goals most relevant for the 21st century. They are formed by taking a reference from different definitions of 21st century skills and Finnish curriculum.

Subject based learning goals

Binar Academy offers multiple courses on digital skill development.

Soft skills learning goals

Encouraging to build new information and visions
Encouraging positive attitude towards working life
Learning to combine information to find new innovations
Learning consumer knowledge and smart economics
Learning to plan and organize work processes
Building common knowledge of technological solutions and their meaning in everyday life
Practicing logical reasoning to understand and interpret information in different forms
Practicing to notice links between subjects learned
Practicing to notice causal connections
Connecting subjects learned at school to skills needed at working life
Learning to understand people, surroundings and phenomenons around us
Practising to understand visual concepts and shapes and observe their qualities
Learning to build information on top of previously learned
Practicing to use information independently and interactively
Creating requirements for creative thinking
Encouraging students to be innovative and express new ideas
Practicing to find, evaluate and share information
Practicing creative thinking
Practicing to improvise
Practicing to use imagination and to be innovative
Practicing to use imagination and to be innovative
Developing problem solving skills
Learning to understand and interpret diverse types of texts
Learning to plan and design own written content and textual representations
Using technology resources for problem solving
Using technological resources for finding and applying information
Using technology for interaction and collaboration
Using technology for interaction and collaboration (also internationally)
Practicing persistent working
Learning to find the joy of learning and new challenges
Practicing strategic thinking
Practicing to look things from different perspectives
Practicing to work with others
Learning to listen other people’s opinions
Learning decision-making, influencing and accountability
Practicing communication through different channels
Learning to understand the meaning of rules, contracts and trust
Practicing to express own thoughts and feelings
Practicing to give, get and reflect feedback
Practicing decision making
Learning to understand and interpret diverse types of texts, from vernacular to academic
Using technology as a part of explorative and creative process
Learning to acquire, modify and produce information in different forms
Learning to face failures and disappointments
Practicing to argument clearly own opinions and reasonings
Enabling the growth of positive self-image

The Finnish Educational Quality Certificate

Our Quality Evaluation Method is an academically sound approach to evaluating a product’s pedagogical design from the viewpoint of educational psychology.

The method has been developed with university researchers and all evaluators are carefully selected Finnish teachers with a master's degree in education.

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