BeED Experiential Learning System

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BeED Experiential Learning System

BeED Experiential Learning System

Bringing learning to life
Connecting Lessons to the World around You.

BeED enhances learning by providing a platform for Educators to create and bring lessons out of the classroom and into daily life experiences. BeED Journeys doesn't just teach information - it helps cultivate essential skills such as creativity, independence, and self-reflection to help build the overall character of your Learners.

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Educational Quality
Learning Goals

The pedagogical analysis covers how the product supports learning of the identified skills. The student’s role is assessed by four contrary pair parameters, which are selected to cover the most essential aspects on the use of the product.

As the learner is exploring a physical location they need to be active to see all the necessary parts of the location. There are multiple ways to provide the answer so the learners can decide how they want to provide the answers.
As the learners can pick the exploring new locations they are constructing new information about the content in hand. The learning is based on exploration and finding and building the right information. The questions are mainly open-ended. Learners can keep the learning journal and track their own thoughts and experiences.
In the activities, the user can either follow a linear path in a certain order or jump back and forth between tasks as it isn't prohibited in the product.
The tasks can be done independently at own pace.

The following are the high educational quality aspects in this product.

BeED provides an engaging way to learn about a culture, science, and history in the real-life location and context.
The activities help the learner to deepen their experience in a new location and to get new perspectives on a new location and culture.
BeED provides comprehensive background materials for the ones creating the learning experiences.
The viewpoints BeED offers for the locations are interesting and surprising
The chance to record video and audio and adding images allow creating a cool personal journal.

The supported learning goals are identified by matching the product with several relevant curricula descriptions on this subject area. The soft skills are definitions of learning goals most relevant for the 21st century. They are formed by taking a reference from different definitions of 21st century skills and Finnish curriculum.

Subject based learning goals

Develop respect for cultural diversity
Explore and compare cultural knowledge, beliefs and practices
Reflect on intercultural experiences
Investigate culture and cultural identity

Soft skills learning goals

Practicing logical reasoning to understand and interpret information in different forms
Practicing to evaluate one's own learning
Practicing to set one's own learning goals
Practicing to take responsibility of one's own learning
Learning about different countries and their characteristics
Getting familiar with different cultures
Learning to understand people, surroundings and phenomenons around us
Learning about cultural aspects and to respect different cultures
Practicing versatile ways of working
Practicing decision making
Learning to plan and organize work processes
Learning to acquire, modify and produce information in different forms
Learning to recognise and evaluate arguments and their reasonings
Developing problem solving skills
Practicing to look things from different perspectives
Encouraging to build new information and visions

The Finnish Educational Quality Certificate

Our Quality Evaluation Method is an academically sound approach to evaluating a product’s pedagogical design from the viewpoint of educational psychology.

The method has been developed with university researchers and all evaluators are carefully selected Finnish teachers with a master's degree in education.

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